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Twitter Web App : Ok, currently how are the nudity criteria of Tumblr? Same of Deviantart? Soft nudity allowed?

Twitter Web App : When you check the notifications on Furaffinity, you notice that there's a wave of likes from the same user, and you know that he obviously had to jack off after that binge reading

Twitter Web App : A peaceful land of fuzzy creatures. Orcs and humans can barry and bicker over the family business. If you want to influence the plot of this play-comic, become my patron! bit.ly/2FnMOA4

Twitter Web App : 🐀Hogs🦍 Like, humans have the biggest penis/rest-of-the-body ratio between apes. I like imagining that if at some point somebody didn't invent clothes, today we would all walk with long-to-the-knee cocks between our legs.

Twitter Web App : How the Walrus Got Its #Tusks youtu.be/BKDGYGV2LK8 because of sex. Like the peacock's wheel. Evolution is not Darwinian at all. It's horny and want to explore one weird fetish after the other 🐀Hogs🦍

Twitter Web App : 🍬Candy Bara🍬 There's a nostalgia factor for sure, but the original Spyro trilogy OST is great for focusing while drawing. Maybe because it was conceived for a game based more on a creative exploration, than beating enemies

Twitter Web App : Is it possible to create a furry story without centering it around some sort of speciesism? I find it so unconfortable

Twitter Web App : How much time of seeing the same reminder posted over and over on your feed should pass before you're morally free to unfollow a user on furaffinity?
Is it a month enough?

Twitter Web App : Hi ! Im opening 2 fullbody colored commission slot at the price of 175$
I dont do mecha or extreme fetish stuff.
Below are the samples for the quality c:

Twitter Web App : I downloaded the bundle for racial equality from itch.io and I ask you: there's some relaxing and cute game you can play on your couch with the laptop on your legs one hour before bedtime?
Like a turn-based Rpg or a visual novel where you don't end up hating your own avatar?

Twitter Web App : Orc Farm series happens on a fantasy plane where the Human Empire conquers minor races and put them into various farms for reeducation, turn them into cattle.

These are 1~4 by
. If youre interested in their background story, please check out my home page.

Twitter Web App : Welcome to the valley… stay hydrated.

The KICKSTARTER for The Rhino and the Redbill is now live! Uncover a journey about friendship and survival in this animated, action-adventure pilot. Check out the trailer and link to see how you can get involved!


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