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Twitter Web App : I made an update for the glider staff rig for Aang! Some more experimentations were made but it shouldn't mess with your animation, maybe just a little if you use the wind slider. Since it has videos and versions updates, I made it legit on Gumroad: gumroad.com/l/mSAxU

Android : I had to do this in HONOR of the Magnificent and Masterful piece of timeless art that this dialogue originates from. Can anyone guess which episode its from🤣?
Its a bit rough, didnt wanna spend too much time on it.
Thanks 4 rig rigstation and 4 FX Shadrak Guichard-Foster

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Android : Made a silly thing tonight for class to show students some animation workflow possibilities. About 1 hour+ of work (had to move fast!).

Aang rig by rigstation

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Twitter Web App : Carolina Delgado did a really cool and psychodelic loop with my Midi rig, Im in love <3

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Twitter Web App : Fritz Villahermosa Hmm GumRoad doesn't let you make it truly Free so some people are donating money and I'm refunding everyone... it's a bit tiring. Maybe a Dropbox or Google Drive link would be better

Twitter Web App : Post-avatar-state warm up, rig credit to rigstation !! #Aang #AvatarTheLastAirbender pic.twitter.com/8WtjXC0Krw

Twitter Web App : 🌊ADW🎋 It's what the current controller is following. Master means it will try and stay put with the world, the arm's parent will follow the shoulder, or it can follow the head, chest...
Try googling "space switching" if you want to get the full details.

Android : Cool tricks, but make it goofy
The instant that I saw that new Ari rig, I just haaaad to play around with it!
Please excuse my lack of actual effects hehe
Aang rig by rigstation
#animation #3danimation #characteranimation #Avatar #AvatarTheLastAirbender #Aang

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Android : Made a small breathing test with the rig

rig by: rigstation

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