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Android : since my last tweet lost a little traction i’m just gonna put this out there again ⏚ i’m getting even closer to my goals and i’ve cleared a lot of financial things i’ve been struggling with recently and things are looking so much better, please share 🙏🏾 gofundme.com/f/21mq91ujxc?u…

Android : Howdy folks.

So my birthday is tomorrow and like... I was wondering... maybe if you had some spare money you could help fund me getting on an HRT program? I'd be eternally grateful.



Android : Evan My icon isnt from an anime lol it's from a picrew (which I know is also considered Lame and Cringey but I do not care)

Android : What made people suddenly turn on yanderedev. Like I'm glad everyone knows how awful and dumb he is now but I remember back in like 2016 you couldn't say anything bad about him on tumblr without a bunch of people rushing to his defense

Android : All Im gonna say about all the people jumping in my replies is why do people act like theyre entitled to a debate like this. I read everything you said, I just feel like Ive said all I can say about my opinions and we clearly arent gonna agree so why bother?

Android : Zesh I'm not saying the cartoon is bad lmfao I'm saying people who ship an adult and teenage girl are

Android : I guess the main thing in common is like, they're all about broken people. Corpus Christi and Deusynlige are both about men who take jobs in a church as a way to try to build a new life for themselves, and something about that just gets to me for some reason

Android : Several movies I love (Calvary, Corpus Christi, Deusynlige) have religion as a central theme and I dont know if it's a subconscious thing or what because I don't have trauma related to it or strong feelings about it?

Android : -sad
-takes place in ireland
-themes about questioning faith/religion
-chris o'dowd is there

Android : Everything about this movie was crafted to appeal to me specifically twitter.com/ThePaleNeon/st…

Android : Moriah, a queer black art student is close to completing their degree at MICA and is in need of financial for rent and tuition. Please take a moment to read their story, donate if you can, and share this link 🌈