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iPhone : This was a moment I captured today with a father speaking on the dreams for his 4-year old son in front of a row of Philly cops protecting the monument to racism that is the Rizzo Statue.

#blacklivesmatter #iwanttogrowup

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iPhone : he made a groupchat years ago with 15+ prominent EDM producers that discussed whether or not they’d fuck me. I sobbed in my car for an hour when I saw the screenshots. Do what you want with this information.

iPhone : Pretty reef going viral for that pick of him skating in front of the burning cop car is legendary important moments in Atlanta history

iPhone : pay attention to this new wave of “punk” soundcloud rappers and how they respond to situations like this. it takes more than a vintage band shirt and some shitty tattoos.

iPhone : I said I wasn't gonna bully cringey scene metalcore kids on twitter but if you're listening to any type of punk/hardcore/metal and wanna throw up the "not all cops" shit you're a fucking hypocrite and I will not feel bad laughing at you

iPhone : How Hong Kong protesters put out tear gas!! Pls share

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iPhone : TRAPT Bro PLEASE shut the fuck up like not a single person in the world gives a fuck what the headstrong guy thinks about this situation I’m begging you to delete your Twitter account rn