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Bio Father of future AD Luke Hill & future Supreme Court Justice Ellie Hill; Husband of Jessica James-Hill; Athletics Director for the @Charlotte49ers #GoldStandard
Location Charlotte, NC
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iPhone : This is the first time in my lifetime that Ive ever felt a shift. This could really be the start of something - Amber McCray


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iPhone : We’re working on a small restock of Charlotte 49ers gear as well as a bigger collection that will release in the fall. Restock will hopefully arrive in around 2 weeks. Please sign up for our newsletter on the homepage of our website to stay in the loop. 704shop.com

iPhone : I’m forever grateful to now-former Chancellor Phil Dubois for bringing me and my family to this amazing place. He and Lisa deserve a peaceful, restful retirement full of grandkids and golf! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💚 🏌️🤙🏻

iPhone : As we build a championship program, every single Niner makes a difference. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed, and for those still weighing their decision, June 30 is our fiscal year end, so all gifts are welcome and impactful. #GOLDstandard twitter.com/49er_Club/stat…

iPhone : NEW EPISODE 🚨 we caught up with Chris Fuller to get the inside scoop on the latest talk of the town, #BoldRush. Episode live now on all your favorite podcast apps, or see the entire video interview at YouTube youtu.be/QFaGNk2lsg8

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iPhone : Mike Hill 704 Shop) 's Twitter Profile">704 Shop Stopped by the 704 Shop) 's Twitter Profile">704 Shop yesterday before a meeting at Leroy Fox and thanked them for their amazing work. They pushed out sales of more 700 shirts in less than 24 hours.