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Twitter for iPad : To fight a pandemic a govt must be trusted; have everyone working together; harness all resources of the NHS; & act swiftly

Johnson’s govt has destroyed all our trust; divided the country; bypassed the NHS by giving billions to a patchwork of failing private firms; & dithered

Twitter for iPad : Bloody electric scooters!…

Twitter for iPad : “A huge reason that our politics is not so extremely polarised and so far out there is because we no longer have any Murdoch-owned press” // Why New Zealand rejected populist ideas other nations have embraced…

Twitter for iPad : ‘In my 47 years in Parliament, under 9 prime ministers, I have never seen trust in a government fall so far and so fast’ - Betty Boothroyd excoriating Johnson just now

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Twitter for iPad : Surely the modern sign of a dysfunctional economy is everyone being in precarious employment but also driving high end cars.

iPhone : Everything about this story is hard to follow. But here's what you need to understand: AIQ is company at the heart of Brexit. Found by Cummings. Used by 4 different campaigns. Who by law not allowed to co-ordinate. (Though we know at least 2 of them did - Vote Leave & BeLeave)

iPhone : Last night, The Associated Press reported 180-page legal complaint filed by non-partisan Campaign Legal Center.

It claims Cambridge Analytica facilitated illegal co-ordination between Trump & PACs. 757 pages of internal CA docs were also released

This is material @iconews has. SO many qs…

iPhone : Michael Gove talking such bollocks he’s even made Theresa May’s face look like she’s seen an asylum seeker being treated with compassion

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Twitter Web App : In America you have the FREEDOM to work 6 different jobs if you want to. THIS ISNT NORTH KOREA BUDDY!!!!

iPhone : TOP TIP for Andy Burnham. Simply rebrand Manchester as a private management consultancy company willing to give money to the Tory party and watch the government cough up the required dosh.

Twitter for iPad : It was always the plan. A 'no deal' Brexit. At a time when our economy couldn't be more fragile, the PM has chosen to cut off half our trade. Please understand what is happening, as the UK becomes an isolated authoritarian run state. This will not end well.

Twitter for iPad : People don't grasp how much more a billion is than a million

A billion is a THOUSAND million

A million seconds is 11.6 DAYS
BUT a billion seconds is 31.7 YEARS

Where has the £12 BILLION handed over for the failed Test and Trace gone?

I strongly suspect more ELITE CORRUPTION

Twitter for iPad : People who still voted for the face-eating leopard party after seeing a decade of it eating people's faces are upset that their faces are being eaten by the face-eating leopard party that they voted for.…