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Bio Currently: Designer at @ProPublica. Formerly: @abookapart, @Harmonix, @happycog. Always: Art, music, film. If you’re evil, I’ll forgive you by and by.
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Twitter Web App : Not sure how much more transparent corruption can get. Something tells me we’ll find out.

Twitter Web App : This Farhad Manjoo piece ably explains something I wish more people understood: how cities could be better without cars.…

Twitter Web App : These are the staggering consequences of this administration’s defining myopia and hubris. How many of the 500,000+ (and rising) would have lived?

Twitter Web App : Previous potential pandemics were contained because the US coordinated the global response. Guess who dismantled that system?

Twitter Web App : Be a patriot this July 4th by learning how the scope of the global pandemic can be put on one guy. You know the one.…

Twitter Web App : Easing back into my site redesign and thinking about individualism and collectivism in the context of making the web.…

Twitter Web App : A stellar summary of the obstacles to police reform and how they’re strengthened by this administration.…

Twitter Web App : It’s my birthday, and sometimes the best present is something that’s not there.…

Twitter Web App : “In the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear?”

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Twitter Web App : schestokken I forgot you recorded that show! I think you did give me a copy. Here’s a bit about how the site came together:…

Twitter Web App : Added documentation to the repo because by the time there’s live music again, I may have forgotten how to update the site. 😞