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iPhone : Yeah Joe Buck called NFL games on Sunday and Monday before calling World Series games on Tuesday and Wednesday and another NFL game on Thursday BUT I do our site’s Sunday NFL recaps AND our Tuesday Bachelorette recaps so it’s tough to say who’s working harder.

Android : reading through the list of presidential pets and really torn as to which is a funnier dog name: “Satan” or “Mark”…

Twitter Web App : When youre being replaced for just a few snaps in the end of a blowout game
When it turns out youre actually being replaced for more than just a few snaps in the end of a blowout game

Twitter Web App : While we wait for the Dale bomb to drop, let’s play dodgeball? Rodger Sherman recaps Tuesday night’s episode of #TheBachelorette:…

iPhone : the Beatles released a literal sea shanty and instead of everybody being like “it’s pretty weird that the Beatles released a song for old-timely sailors” it went #1 on the charts…

Twitter Web App : they don't hype it up as much but if someone gets picked off in the World Series the CEO of Taco Bell is legally entitled to come to the house of every American and eat stuff out of their fridge

Twitter Web App : Times Mookie Betts was the Doritos Locos Tacos World Series Stolen Base Guy: 2
Times Babe Ruth was the Doritos Locos Tacos World Series Stolen Base Guy: 0


Twitter Web App : Mookie Betts has TWICE been the Doritos Locos Taco Stolen Base guy. They should induct him into the Hall of Fame today

Twitter Web App : what if the official scorer who just changed that stolen base into a wild pitch is getting paid off by Taco Bell

TweetDeck : what’s weirder:
—the multiple Hunter Renfro(w/e)s (different sports, different spellings, but an unlikely name)
—Will Smith pitching to Will Smith (very common name, but they played against each other and it’s also Will Smith’s name)

Twitter Web App : how did the World Series end up being a matchup between two cities that have also won major sports championships in other sports in the last month. save some for the rest of us you bastards

Twitter Web App : Ryan Nanni NOT EVEN THE UGLIEST ARENA IN THE MEADOWLANDS (the boondoggle indoor ski slope in the background really sells it)

iPhone : Tua made more playoff appearances in three years at Alabama (two) than Ryan Fitzpatrick has in 16 seasons in the NFL (zero)