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Android : Wol Im a philly eu fan so I also fell asleep right when it ended, but I wasnt too disappointed. I was disappointed after their May Melee performancr bc i thought they could play better, but last night they had a great performance and I think they could win next time

Twitter Web App : This man was 41 and spent 95 days in hospital and lost a leg due to Covid. And then he died. The virus is no joke. It never was. Why we cant be less gobshite-y when it comes to the likes of the pubs I just dont know…

Android : This is Thor. He just wanted cuddles with his duck friend. Didn’t deserve this. 14/10 gravity is cancelled

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Twitter Web App : This isnt all of them but it is very much The Vibe……

iPhone : Social media is a hard place to be. I worry for us. The people on the receiving end of hate but I also worry about the sickness that exists in those who spew that hate. The energy it must take. Sometimes it feels like our society is very ill.

We have serious healing to do 💔

Android : Watching the 3rd episode of Unsolved Mysteries and 98% of my brain is stunned and appalled but the other 2% is noticing how beautiful the South of France is.

Twitter Web App : Is it not possible to wish him & his family well without going over the top like this? Given the cervical check scandal it feels weird to be goingto these lengths. Why not put forward a motion that DCC adopts a position to demand better conditions for frontline healthcare workers…

Twitter for iPad : My dad came back from the shop and was like “omg now i KNOW you did not learn that from mom or your grandmother” and now he has a theory that both my great grandmothers have somehow passed on their pickling knowledge to me from the Spirit World like its the Avatar

Android : They think pro black movements are anti white because pro white movements have always been anti-black.…

Twitter Web App : *stares at THAT tweet in disbelief*...ANYWAY, anyone want to help make a thread of Irish writers who deal with our culture, language, history, and mythology with the full respect it deserves? (Bonus points for every Gráinne present)

Twitter Web App : Ffion ⚘ good omens and neverwhere are great!! but i started w american gods and loved it ... I wouldnt say its a bad entry point at all! i really enjoyed his short story collections too if ur not in the mood for something massive

Android : I was today years old when I realised that WWF/WWEs Paul Bearer was a play on the word pallbearer, given the whole funeral motif.

Excuse me now while I get my coat and dive into the nearest sun.

iPhone : For my latest Tribune column, I explored the impact of New Labour policies on reality television and broadcasting. Big Brother, Supernanny and The X Factor all make interesting case studies for how toxic the Blairite political project was:…

Falcon Social Media Management : Keeping the COVID-19 death count low doesnt need to lead to recession or complete self-isolation. Its not a simple trade off. Read more from Tomás Ryan, associate professor in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity:

iPhone : I wish people would actually realise that ch*nky/ch*nk is an actual racist slur used against chinese people and not just a word for a chinese takeaway. Even if u use it as a slang term or when ur referring to a takeaway, it still offends people :(

Twitter Web App : Clare Clarke Just going for some more recent authors who are big names and/or have big impact. But there have been so many female authors who broke the mould and were ahead of their time. I would not say that JKR was one of them.

iPhone : Anyways tl;dr listen to the new Phoebe Bridgers album but also take some time and listen to Silver Landings by Mandy Moore which is a genuine gem of an album!

Twitter Web App : Congratulations to Matthew Flowers, a Ph.D. student Queens University Belfast 🎓, who has been awarded this years Pollard Fellowship. His research concerns neglected Irish writing between the 1880s and 1920s and how it relates to Irish modernisms; he will be consulting both M&A and EPB material.

Android : Today our #IUADigEd webinar is on CONSIDER YOUR STUDENTS ❤️ always at the heart of our work. This is the 1st of a series focusing on the considerations & themes within our infographic below - The EDTL Approach ⬇️

Twitter for iPad : Estates and Facilities have installed two new repair stations for cyclists, buggies and wheelchairs. One is at the side of the Buttery and the other is by the Sports centre. A third is to be installed at Dartry. Cheers to E&F, we know this will be useful to many.

Twitter Web App : I will miss these ladies. But we felt this was the best way to tie up the story of these women. Thank you to all the fans. We will be getting back to work when it is safe to do so. Much love…

iPhone : Just an FYI the bubonic plague is a bacterial infection meaning with antibiotics it can be treated most of the time. Plague cases pop up from time to time, but it is totally treatable so there isn’t any need to worry.…

Twitter Web App : BREAKING NEWS. US District Court orders Dakota Access pipeline to be shut down and be emptied within 30 days because of the seriousness of NEPA error. (Developing story)

Android : So with my employment situation being up in the air at the moment Im gonna be opening up small sprite commissions. Ill be taking them all month.
No slot or sprite limit, $30 each.
DM me if interested.


Twitter Web App : Blue Öyster Cult - (Dont Fear) The Reaper

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iPhone : Brilliant! Amy from Cali encouraged donations to #BLM on the Fourth by giving a generous amount of Bells to anyone who donated. I know she inspired me to give, and many others. Love seeing real world good from fun games! amy #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons

iPhone : Not once has J.K. Rowling stopped to think about the damage she is doing to the mental health of trans kids.

Not supporting a trans kids transition doesnt stop them from being trans. If anything forcing them to live as a gender they dont identity as, is conversion therapy.

Android : Join Trinity Sport in raising money for healthcare workers.
Sign up with your team to run on of the following virtual distances:
- Waterford Greenway (45km)
- Giants Causeway (100km)
- East to West of Ireland (250km)

iPhone : The children in Yemen eat cooked leaves while the rich coat their chicken wings in gold. Won’t you look at capitalism.…