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Android : Song with the most hours at #1 on major korean music platforms in 2020:

Melon: Dynamite (921)
FLO: Dynamite (1,031)
Genie: Dynamite (853)
Bugs: Dynamite (698)

Twitter Web App : Only female albums to have all its tracks simultaneously occupy the Top 25 of Spotify Global Chart

•thank u, next

Twitter for iPad : not @ you being filo and racist at the same time, pick a struggle…

iPhone : imagine rosé singing you never know in this fit

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Android : hello everyone!
this is a new account meant for you kpop’s best fashion including non-mv and photoshoot looks

you can send requests in DM! please follow and rt to help me 💌

iPhone : a whole FANDOM convincing themselves into believing that youtube is being paid by yg just because they got their views deleted......

*insert tons of screenshots involving slutshaming a group that has nothing to do with any of yall*…

Twitter Web App :

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iPhone : her vocals here is just crazyyyy

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Android : maybe for a club remix but this ain’t better than the original why are people lying in the replies 😭…

iPhone : 잠시 후 오후 5시(KST) 방송되는 MBC ‘백파더 : 요리를 멈추지 마!’에 맛.잘.알 #여진 #이브 #츄 #고원 이 출격합니다! 오늘은 또 어떤 꿀조합으로 맛있는 저녁을 오빛에게 선사할까요~🍽

#이달의소녀 #LOONA #YeoJin #Yves #Chuu #GoWon

iPhone : *making a heart with her hands beside her face*
Yeji: I look like Ryu-monkey? TUK, its TUK.
Thank you everyone, sleep well! Bye!