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Android : new @shelter blog explaining more about our court case confirming that the practice of rejecting tenancy applications because the applicant receives housing benefit is unlawfully indirectly discriminatory…

Android : "53.1% of female single-adult households renting privately claim Housing Benefit compared to 34% of male single- adult households. When households with couples are included, 18.8% of women renting privately claim Housing Benefit compared to 12.4% of men."

Android : Another key element of the "no DSS" ruling was that it would be discriminatory towards women.

"women are more than 1.5 times as likely to rely on Housing Benefit, and thus be excluded by a No DSS policy, than men."

Housing is a feminist issue!

More stats from the ruling below:

Android : Useful primer on the "no DSS" ruling:

"What it means is that a blanket policy of refusing potential tenants who claim housing benefit is unlawful. What it does not mean is that potential tenants who claim housing benefit can’t be refused. "

There is still work to do!…

Android : This is why the ban on "no DSS" is so important - classism/poverty is not a protected characteristic unlike so many other forms of discrimination and yet it has enormous ramifications in terms of housing. What remains to be seen is how it can be effectively enacted.…

Android : This is appalling and all too common. An investigation by The Bureau found that half the landlords they approached refused to let to people on benefits. And since housing benefit is based on the local housing allowance - in most areas there are no properties available at this rent.…

Android : Reasons why you can’t start a criminal case at 9am.

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A thread:

Android : So many HASL kids have suffered lockdown in severely overcrowded housing. Others are in temporary accommodation far away from their home borough. They all need free transport to get to school, libraries & social activities. Support Child Poverty Action Group's campaign here……

Android : Groundswell here in Oulton Leeds there are 70 families facing being made #Homeless by landlord #Pemberstone they put an appeal in during this pandemic. The stress of it all is hard. We are unable to fund raise properly as a result #saveourhomesLS26

Android : As a community based #domesticabuse charity, we know having the right location is vital. @sistah_space will reach more women if they stay where they are. Hold tight and good luck. ♥️…

Android : 35% blog latest: Southwark Council forks out £210m to rescue #Aylesburyestate regeneration from failed cross-subsidy model.…

Android : Ah that good old council transparency.

Up the Aylesbury!…

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How do Rishi Sunak’s measures announced yesterday stack up given what today’s English Housing Survey findings tell us?