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Android : It's not even the holiest time in the Christian calendar.

And that's before you grapple with Jewish churches and the complete misunderstanding of their calendar…

Android : Nicola Hannah Al-Othman I went out for a run today and I was thinking how it's like covid. First bit is a shock, gets ok-ish in the middle and then by the last stretch it's just slogging to the end. Hopefully we're in the last stretch now
(Sorry if that's a bit Thought For The Day).

Android : Chaminda Jayanetti Though it is depressing to realise that they would still be shouting at PMQs about how we wouldn't be in this mess if Johnson had followed their plea for a fire break, if a real life experiment hadn't awkwardly failed.

Sigh. Some days I am so ...

Android : The thing Labour need to be careful of here is that, just like circuit break, Labour led Wales have followed these recommendations. And they don't work. They reach amazing numbers of disclosed contacts. To little differential effect.…

Android : James OMalley Agree. It was really good. But it hit just at the point I couldn't bear serious thinking TV, and I only got into it because it cropped up later where I'd tagged it.

Twitter Web App : Ryan Honest to god, people in the posh bits of London yelling that the problem was the 'other boroughs'. Yeah, the ones where the people live who clean your hospitals, deliver your curry and staff your restaurants.

Android : Ryan Especially since Covid is effectively a disease of poverty and population density. We put people under tighter restrictions for having the misfortune to live in less affluent areas.

Twitter Web App : I feel like a lot of people, maybe an increasing number of people, simply have no category in their minds for "views that I consider to be wrong but not beyond the pale"

Android : Charlotte Moore I agree with all of that. And I was banging the drum for better sick pay for ages - though it has been pointed out to me that those countries with amazing sick pay haven't done any better this autumn.