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iPhone : i just noticed that all loonas comeback stages have purple-ish thumbnails... and thats on choerry!

iPhone : ORBITS if you are mad at mama pls channel it into streaming harder and give it our all for loona to debut on bb200. join orbitpromo's streaming party at 12am kst (in 10 min) PLEASE

iPhone : open.spotify.com/track/3FdZngjI… #futurepop #perfume #spotify

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iPhone : Anabel Pantoja lanza un fuerte abrazo a la estrella surcoreana Kim Lip tras hacerla viral: Agradezco que haya hecho mi baile. Desde aquí mando un beso a Corea del Sur quemedices.es

iPhone : oomfs tag @/GMAHallypop & @/gmanews under this tweet twitter.com/jinsolbff/stat…

iPhone : #오빛 !!! 얼른 #엠카로 오세요! #엠카_할로윈 을 맞아 #이달의소녀 가 킹스맨으로 변신했다고요! 수트X이달소 완전 성공 공식 아닙니까? 오늘 <Why Not?> 무대 얼마나 멋질 지;;; 저녁 6시 #엠카운트다운 본방 사수!🎃