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iPhone : #SC voters, Lindsey Graham & this admin have rolled back 60 environmental protections; air pollution -19 & drilling & extraction -12, all for the purpose of big business profit.

Jaime Harrison Jaime Harrison actually cares about the environment.

jaimeharrison.com twitter.com/nytimes/status…

iPhone : #NorthCarolina voters, Thom Tillis & this admin have rolled back 60 environmental protections; air pollution -19 & drilling & extraction -12, for the purpose of big business profit.

Cal Cunningham Cal Cunningham actually cares about the environment.

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iPhone : #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod #RevSharpton “George Floyd cried out for his dead mother, who else could he cry out to for help? Three police officers were just standing there.” twitter.com/whipclyburn/st…

iPhone : As we see peaceful protests being intentionally undermined by violent white extremists, apparent undercover police and other questionable parties, we must call this activity out for what it is.

These parties want to exacerbate hostilities to have an excuse to stop the protests.

iPhone : Spoken like a True Racist!
These words were spoken during Segregation.

It’s in his blood! He’s Tearing & dividing this Country one tweet at a time!


iPhone : Oh please! Why doesn’t he do us a kindness by blowing it outta his super duper sized ass? Ain’t nobody got time for his incoherent, ridiculous, imaginary, discombobulated, bull! We The People are done with Donald J. Trump! twitter.com/whitehouse/sta…

iPhone : I’m taking positive action by investing in a positive future!

Linda will support Governor Kelly, our public schools and science!

Please join me in supporting Linda Featherston via ActBlue secure.actblue.com/donate/feather…

iPhone : Harlem New York

Racism and injustice has been around for far too long!

The Justice Dept, Police, Racists and the Leader of them all , Trump!
He didn’t start it , he’s encouraging it.

How many times have u seen KKK at a Presidential Rally?

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iPhone : The swamp is pretty full! I have no idea how all these corrupt creatures are wallowing in the slime, fungus and bacteria all the while pretending to be human.

Eight more months seems like forever when filth is crawling around. #TrumpResignNow

#GoJoe2020 twitter.com/trom771/status…

iPhone : So far (!) no rioting in KC.. Probably many reasons, but certainly this has to be one of the major ones.
#BurdettLoomis #ksleg #KS #DemcastKS

iPhone : I know how much we hate to watch this guy, but his microexpressions there at the end, ugh—he is absolutely loving every single thing that is going on across the country at the moment. twitter.com/bubbaprog/stat…

iPhone : Barr, the Attorney General, just specifically said the outside forces fueling the fires are Antifa and leftist organizations, whereas state officials are saying it’s white supremacy groups.

It just gets better and better.🤦🏻‍♀️