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Bio DC bureau chief at The Intercept. Young Turks contributor. ryangrim-at-gmail.com DM for Signal. Author of Weve Got People. Views are my own, not yours.
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iPhone : Where are people getting their $27 glasses of wine if not here? twitter.com/mysterysolvent…

iPhone : NEW: Joe Biden's brother, Frank Biden, touted his relationship w/ the president in an ad for the firm he advises.The ad ran on Inauguration Day in the Daily Business Review.
Ethics experts say it's not a good look for the brother or the new administration

iPhone : Max Burns People seem to think hedge funds primarily gamble with their own money. Ha! That would at least be defensible. It’s mostly somebody else’s money that they frontrun, skim, and dump the losses on to.

iPhone : I love when these two get together because the host just cannot fathom that his whole worldview is meaningless. twitter.com/itsavibe/statu…

iPhone : Those who have spent years begging and pleading with Silicon Valley to aggressively police speech and content have single-handledly gutted one of the key initial values of the internet: empowering people to compete with corporate & political power centers. This is what you built: twitter.com/Slasher/status…

iPhone : Discord banned the r/WallStreetBets server over "hate speech" ... ? theverge.com/2021/1/27/2225…

iPhone : Hedge funds are heavily capitalized in general by pension funds. Not sure if there particular ones are. twitter.com/georgejasko/st…