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iPhone : The Mindful Vegan Ⓥ I started reading the full text but could not continue as I cannot BELIEVE people have to defend their choice to eat fruit n veg. When in the history of the world did people have to explain eating vegetables? (Apart from Elizabethan times when spuds were thought to have toxins.)

iPhone : The Mindful Vegan Ⓥ I hear you and wish a moral, rather than commercial, compass would guide any company. I don’t think Hellman’s or a competitor would be swayed into going solely vegan; they get more money from both rather than either/or.

iPhone : The Mindful Vegan Ⓥ Nearly sold! I just have to check out Helmans to see if they’re on my boycott list. I haven’t updated it for 25 years but I have a vague memory (inaccurate conflation?) of Hemans being owned by Nestlé – baby milk powder mercenaries.