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iPhone : but earlier, for a major class, i was nominated to be the opinion editor for our final publication and i know i may underperform and may not do the job well BUT people are nice and they actually voted for me and told me i can do it! and it made my day somehow

iPhone : can i just say how drained and exhausted i am because of the online classes set-up!! i’ve been really really down and angry and i’ve been questioning myself and my abilities because i can’t seem to work properly :((((

iPhone : just saw someone in fb recommend b*ckstreet r**kie..... apparently it has “no dull moments” and is very “wholesome” 🥴🤢🤮

iPhone : we’ve been talking nonstop since we started talking outside acads!! we are getting to know each other, telling how our days went etc etc!! i am so soft i am contented with us being friends ngl :((((

iPhone : OK ANOTHER UPDATE: me and my crush will see each other tomorrow bc we’ll go to a mobilization together (END THE FUCKING SEM, UP!!!!!) and then we’ll grab food and drive around omg i am so soft and excited…

iPhone : ‼️ REPOST IF YOU CAN ‼️

Cagayan Valley, Isabella is totally damaged, many homes were submerged in water and theyre needed immediate help and rescue. CAGAYAN VALLEY NEEDS URGENT HELP AND ASSISTANCE !!


iPhone : I will, once again, say this: the government must be held accountable for their incompetence and inffective leadership in the times of natural calamities.…

iPhone : ulysses is the fourth storm within just two weeks.

these are not just storms. these are man-made disasters.

this is climate emergency.