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iPhone : Sir aap buhat agay nikal gaye. Political leanings same hona essential hay.…

iPhone : Blue on Blue Such hi bola hai, nothing significant about Mariam Nawaz other than her fair complexion that sets her apart. All our actresses Mahira included are far more dynamic/ multifaceted than her! #papakiprincess

iPhone : جامشورو ضلعے کے گائوں وڈا چھچھر میں یے لڑکی وزیراں چھچھر وحشيانہ طور پر پتھروں سے سنگسار کرکے بيدردی سے قتل کی گئی ہے. يے وزيراعلیٰ سندھ کا آبائی ضلعہ ہے،ابھی تک قاتل گرفتار نہیں ہوئے. ديہی علاقوں کو خواتين کے ليےمقتل بناديا گيا ہے. حکومت اور عدليہ فورن نوٹس ليں.
ايازلطيف پليجو

iPhone : Told my kid I want to play his game on Xbox and was instantly snubbed with “ No way! U’ll need a new profile.. can’t let u spoil mine!!
Suddenness, the sheer suddenness of the move, the unexpected nature of the move (sigh!)

iPhone : Gen Nigar Johar walks to her office today amidst celebrations 🎉 .

This is how we celebrate the achievements of our daughters 😇in
#Pakistan .

All Pakistani women are walking taller today 😇


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iPhone : Major General Nigar Johar, HI (M) promoted as Lieutenant General.
She is the 1st female officer to be promoted as Lieutenant General. The officer has been appointed as 1st female Surgeon General of Pak Army. Lieutenant General Nigar Johar hails from Panjpeer, District Swabi KPK.

iPhone : Always a good idea to actually read about what you are gonna discuss. Incompetency point kartay kartay khud incompetent ho jaatay hain.
Back to good old Ishaq Dar interviews I guess.

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iPhone : Stopping disease spread on EidulAzha is going to be a huge challenge for us. Restricting ppl to interact or buy sacrificial animals is almost impossible. Enforcing SOPs with a market of 70,000 animals is also impossible.What’s your opinion? What could be the solution ? Lock down?

iPhone : Shout out to #thesupperclubpk for their absolutely divine ice creams and deserts. Must try for those in Lahore.

iPhone : Guys please follow my new art/food/meme/everything blog -
dragunov_shot. I promise to make regular + cringeless + unsponsored content 😁

iPhone : Hilarious stuff. Indian newscasters reading names of Chinese casualties forwarded via fake WhatsApp.

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iPhone : My favorite Mental Health experts are 18-24 year old Pakistanis on Twitter who think its all because of "deen say dori and Eman ki kamzori " ... 😑

iPhone : Pics from a recent birthday party! Yeah so here’s why your 20+ tweets thread on “where’s my lockdown “ and “ fu@@ this Budget” are nothing more than insecure rants of the privileged elite of this country who don’t have to earn their daily wage.

iPhone : I once corrected a lawyer/politician who came from a family of that vocation that my father is a businessman, making him the meerasi not me. For Meerasi means one who inherits something, esp line of work. I see your Mens Rea Usman Saeed Basra Pls explain your Intent or apologise.…