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iPhone : This is a very clean & pretty park on Ataturk Ave in Islamabad.People from a seemingly well off family came here for a picnic & brought food along but couldn’t be bothered to put the trash inside the trash can just 2 ft away & left after littering the park. Don’t know what to say

iPhone : Women lawyers in Pakistan don't have it easy: the field is dominated by men, seniors don't take them to court, and they've to work twice as hard.

Despite all this, two young advocates that have already made this place materially better are Maria Farooq and Noor Ejaz Chaudhry.

iPhone : I will not be blackmailed by dead bodies on the road, yet Nurse Nasim’s daily platelet count was too heavy for my conscious! What a shame Imran Khan !

iPhone : Immense gratitude & respect for nurses, lab technicians, ayas, & other patient care personnel working tirelessly at bare minimum salaries in hospitals around the country. May 2021 bring you the true acknowledgment and compensation for your diligence and perseverance! HNY!

iPhone : Meesha shafi is a hypocrite for first defaming ali zafar and then photographing him without consent…

iPhone : As per anonymous sources (Reuters Pak Style) It has been heard that General Melchett has been specially roped in to provide the spin post Lahore PDM Jalsa.
Now there is a huge scheduling fight going on between Naya Daur Types, PMLN Journalist wing & Hameeds anti imperialists.

iPhone : When their is an ILLEGATION on MARTYN that YOU TUN #YouTun #PakistaniMedia

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iPhone : Narendra Modi’s term ends in May 2024. Joe Biden’s term ends in January 2025.

The greatest service to humanity that Biden could do during his term is use the office to hold Modi accountable for his crimes against humanity.

I look forward to pressuring him to do exactly that.

iPhone : Brilliant stuff. 6 foot ka fasla forever etched in my head.
I now also know the KP helpline number by heart, don't remember the Punjab one. And i live in Punjab.…

iPhone : I don’t know why people are doubting this thread when the code of conduct for Faysal Bank explicitly states this.…

iPhone : The The New Yorker publishes the incriminating audio recording of Harvey Weinstein with model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez.

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iPhone : Pakistani Lawyers…

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iPhone : Height of enlightenment; Politicians are obviously born with obscene wealth so off course the problem is ...drumrolls...”WEALTH” ....and obviously not corruption!! 🤯... I need this high in life........…