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Android : it also takes a really long time for music to click for me. i cant tell if i like a song or not on first listen, i need at least a week's worth, and as you could probably tell it takes a lot of patience to listen to the same thing for a week and not even know if u like it lol

Android : i also have this terrible habit of continuously listening to the same artists ive been listening to for years. i guess i feel very overwhelmed trying out a new band/genre. idk what to listen to first, which makes me not listen to anything at all.

Android : but in doing so i feel like ive only scratched the surface of most genres, but am not an expert in any of them. i love classic rock but ive never heard a single rolling stones album. love rap but ive never lsnd to a single jpegmafia song. jack of all trades, as it were

Android : i feel like music is the only thing i know enough about to actually hold my own in conversations. so i try really hard to make sure that my taste is diverse enough. i explore different genres etc

Android : such a deeply emotional and captivating speech. hurts to see him being misquoted so much. he may have had some questionable beliefs in the past but he's always fighting the good fight. RTJ 4 OUT JUNE 5!!!…

Twitter Web App : should've saw the way she looked me in my eyes, she said baby I am not afraid to, die

Twitter Web App : I'm a born sinner but I'll die better than that, you were always where I needed you to be, whether you were there or not there