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iPhone : got around to listening to PARSLEY BOY KNK's excellent episode about the appeal of the moral panic of QAnon to mothers who are genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of their children and over unwanted sexualization, a must-listen imo…

iPhone : if the indictment of its subject doesn't change the producer's plans, it appears that a BabyQ documentary is scheduled to come out in October:

iPhone : at this point it's hard for me to stop feeling that Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyers are either trying to get him convicted so that they can grift off being the last defenders of a right-wing martyr or literally do not care what happens to their client either way.…

iPhone : it's cool how i was completely correct about the overlap between new age mystical stuff with the far right and it's all becoming obvious now after a bunch of you screamed at me. anyway it's fine. i'm not mad. I'm going for an evening stroll.

iPhone : PARSLEY BOY KNK I think women are also ignored because there's also an assumption that women only get into reactionary ideologies because they follow men to them, or it's assumed that in adopting the ideology their relationship to womanhood does not play the same roles that their