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iPhone : i bet i can write lyrics like these on the spot:

raati chalye assi drive thru, fast food, gaddi ch kare dance tu, no shoes, khali sarkan te sun roof, drinking booze, everyday im in the booth.…

iPhone : Im crying the Karachi boys 😭😭😭

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iPhone : With people recovering from #COVID19 & sharing how tough it was for them in self-isolation, lets not forget Junaid Hafeez, who has been suffering in solitary confinement under false blasphemy case for 7 yrs.

Lets keep SPEAKING for him until he gets JUSTICE.


iPhone : idk why saying “i’m on my period” is seen as a bad excuse to get out of things like it fr has me throwing up and immobilised why are we expected to do shit in that state

iPhone : i cant believe SHEIN) 's Twitter Profile">SHEIN are selling prayer mats as fringe trim carpets with the Kabah and Mosques on it. This is so offensive. This aint no carpet or decorative piece. SHEIN) 's Twitter Profile">SHEIN anything to say??????????

iPhone : Harry after using the bathroom: AYO WHERE MY SHIT GO
Me under the bathroom sink:

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