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Bio We should really all be marching right now πŸ”₯🌎 Making Youtube video essays until then: (he/him)
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Twitter Web App : it just hit me that WandaVision had two witches with reality-bending powers and we still defaulted to... kamehameha battle

Twitter Web App : If you're not voting Joe you clearly do not understand how many rhinos are in Jumanji and the insane things they do

Vote for the rhinos, and the man who made Disney back all the money they lost funding Verbinski's railroad…

Twitter Web App : where are the tits on the rabbit? where is the dick on the potato? they have passed like rain on the mountains…

Twitter Web App : when I tell twitter I want fewer notifications, I for one immediately think "I hope they send me a notification to ask if I want more notifications."

Twitter Web App : Summarize a movie badly (with DnD jargon edition)

"A paladin/tempest domain cleric fights his way back to Asgard to defeat his sister, a soulknife rogue."

Twitter Web App : if it wasn't for that one episode of Recess where TJ learns that you can't get everyone to like you I'd probably be 10x worse as a person