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Twitter Web App : In hindsight, client red flag #1: them telling me they were not 'emotionally invested' in their story. #betareader #WritingCommunity

Android : Hey #WritingCommunity let's do a #writerslift and help Allistar reach 2,000 followers! Come on guys!

And if you're under 5,000 followers say hi and follow eachother! Over 5,000 followers help out by liking and retweeting! Let's do this!!!! Argh!!!! 😊…

Android : So today I learned that some authors will hire #betareaders and yet argue with every opinion that they have... Hmmm... It's as if they didn't want honest opinions at all...

Oh well. #WritingCommunity I still love you.

Android : Ahhhhh I feel like I've been run over by a bus but I got the nicest review from a client and I just did a little jig from my bed! I just love being part of this community and working with all you beautiful people. <3

#WritingCommunity #betareader #amediting #amwriting

Android : If you want a chance to dye my hair WHATEVER colour on stream please simple follow my twitch channel and stay tuned for an update! 😂🤙🤨 #twitch #streaming #twitchaffiliate

Android : Tinah Rahmani Korean! I started it a long while ago but never got around to any sort of proficiency, so I've started working on it. 😁

Ooh that sounds cool, I'd love to see some of your creations! I love sparkly things!

Android : Tinah Rahmani Ahhh I'm with you there, most of what I enjoy reading these days is fantasy. I do like psychological thrillers as well though. I don't do much YA, unless you class Percy Jackson or the His Dark Materials books as such!

Android : Tinah Rahmani Haha I think we're on the same wavelength. I've actually seriously started learning a new language, and have resumed my learning of the Tarot as a new hobby. 😁 What kind of jewellery do you make? It sounds so interesting!

Android : Tinah Rahmani Not weird at all, I appreciate it 😊 Oooh I might take you up on your offer! Although fair warning, my book has a lot more... Graphic descriptions than yours did. It leans more towards erotica but with a heavy fantasy plot. 😬

Android : Tinah Rahmani I've always fought it off with those exact things you've described, but lately it's just been different. I don't know how to describe it, so just finding new things to help!

Android : Tinah Rahmani The reversed version of the card (because it's upside down) means the knowledge I have now is only on the surface, and that I need to look for a deeper meaning. Which is basically where I'm stuck, because I feel extremely lost at the moment in life. 😥