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Android : This is just miles from where armed white protestors broke social distancing rules to demand an end to lockdowns and went unpunished. twitter.com/KeaonDousti/st…

Android : When armed militias stormed State Capitols & threatened the life of Kentucky & Michigan Governors—police stood still b/c that was "free speech."

But when unarmed Americans protest the brutal murder of an unarmed Black man—police bust out the mace & riot gear

#GeorgeFloyd twitter.com/KeaonDousti/st…

Android : Nothing has exposed the Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD more than what just happened in Minneapolis today.

It took FIVE YEARS, from 2014-2019, for the City of New York to fire just 1 of the men who murdered Eric Garner. Many participated.

Minneapolis fired 4 officers in 24 hours.

Android : If you want to stay in your little neoliberal bubble and continue to be outraged about what MSNBC tells you to be outraged about, that’s fine. Just know the problem is so much bigger than Trump. Our entire system is corrupt and it won’t be fixed by centrism. We need REAL CHANGE.

Android : BREAKING: All 4 police officers who murdered George Floyd were just fired.

They should’ve been fired yesterday. This happened under national pressure.

Now they must be charged and arrested immediately.

Call the DA @ 612-348-5550.
Thats Mike Freeman.

Android : Vermont's enormous lines for food assistance today show just how dire this crisis is, all across America.

No one should be going hungry right now in the richest country on Earth. The federal government has got to provide all the resources we need to protect these families. twitter.com/celinetvnews/s…

Android : Suggestion: Do less worrying about Trump tweets and more worrying about handing him giant military budgets and $4 trillion in unaccountable play money that not one single member of Congress opposed with a recorded vote.

Android : I guess Mexican music is allowed only on Taco Tuesday for Karen ......


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Android : Dear white brothers and sisters, we desperately need y’all’s help.

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Android : I knew #GeorgeFloyd personally. So, the media can’t tell me nothing. When we did community outreach in the hood he was a “person of peace”. He wanted to see us come together as a people. They murdered him in the street. You see why #BlackLivesMatter has to be stated. This hurt 😢

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Android : ‘Being Black In America Should Not Be A Death Sentence’: Officials Respond To George Floyd’s Death – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

Absolutely should not be! We are going backwards. The 21st century Black Codes are in full effect. This is untenable. minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/05/26/bei…

Android : I don't care if Joe Biden wins or loses

If he wins I'll just laugh at MAGA for losing an easy election

My vote for the Green Party isn't designed to cause Biden to lose. Its designed to destroy the two party duopoly as we know it by helping the Greens hit 5% or 15%

Android : It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the anti-Black and racist foolishness that is going on in America right now. The micro aggressions Black folks are feeling is real. The implicit cognitive biases are real! Different century, same shit. We are tired of it!

Android : It’s going down in #Minneapolis right now in reaction to the lynching of #GeorgeFloyd by race soldier #DerekChauvin

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