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iPhone : Let’s talk about dissociation (neuroscientist perspective)

Recently a newspaper claimed that the woman accusing Christian Porter of rape was dissociating and therefore, that her story is not credible.

Let’s examine that claim with my favourite little analogy- war movies.

iPhone : MFW You don’t need to apologise at all. But I will continue to claim the freedom to write about these issues in the way I choose and I think it’s a useful discussion on the Crikey piece that claimed her memories were “freshly minted” without a great deal to back that up

iPhone : MFW Actually, I disagree. If there’s speculation repressed memory was involved, but her friends strongly deny this and say she told people before she read the book I think that’s worthy of reporting. These are issues a coronial inquest may examine.

iPhone : MFW For example, the screenshots you provide are not of the article but a bunch of people reacting I suspect to what they think it says. Reading comprehension is a lost art sometimes

iPhone : MFW I turn off replies to all tweets for legal reasons on anything that do with rape allegations. Secondly, I don’t think you’ve read the article. It provides a discussion and rebuttal from friends of claim repressed memories were involved. Perhaps read it?

iPhone : The "lying cow" comment (in relation to support offered) was reported as being made on the first day the Brittany Higgins allegations broke. It was a first response, not something said after 'a week of pressure'

iPhone : Nothing about this week is straightforward, or susceptible to the kinds of blanket statements we all crave. Here's some thoughts from me.…

iPhone : “We are not out for blood or to destroy anyone, we are simply out to seek justice for our friend as best as can be achieved in circumstances where she is no longer alive.”…