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Twitter for iPad : #BREAKING Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says Facebook has advised that it intends to restore Australian news pages in the
coming days after the government agreed to some amendments to the news bargaining code ABC News ABC Politics #auspol

Echofon : The PM will be the guest of honour at an international woman’s day event tomorrow at Parliament House....and no this isn’t a political satire. #auspol

iPhone : I started in Canberra press gallery in 1980, when female broadcasters were described as microphone stands with tits.The more I see and watch today, I’ve decided not much has changed. I’ve had a gutful of politicians saying they have it all under control #BritannyHiggins #auspol

Twitter Web App : Confused about how employment works in Parly? Let Laura Tingle explain how weird the system is:

The workplace system in Parliament House that helps feed unhealthy power relationships…

iPhone : .Leigh Sales interviews Senator Simon Birmingham, who is the Minister for Finance and is leading the review into parliaments workplace culture. #abc730 #auspol

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iPhone : What Morrison was really saying is that the previous base rate of $282.50 a week was completely unfit for purpose – and it was politically untenable to have 800,000 extra people suddenly discover just how unfit. Greg Jericho…

Twitter Web App : Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has taken medical leave and been admitted to hospital as a precautionary measure #InsidersReading…

Twitter Web App : These rights will work to prevent workplace tragedies and ensure gig economy companies are held to account when they fail their staff #OnYourSide…

iPhone : Hi Adelaide readers, it’s 1 year since I was at Adelaide Writers Week for this incredible event, the last festival I attended in person since world turned upside down. Since then I wrote Witness & went Inside the Canberra Bubble. Delighted to return this weekend to tell all. ❤️📚…

iPhone : Let’s just hope that from this whole horrible situation there will actually be some fundamental reform to the MOP(S) Act for vulnerable staff and improvements to the workplace culture in Parliament House. (2/2)

Twitter for iPad : Man accused of raping Brittany Higgins in ministerial office returned to Parliament House…

Twitter Web App : more from our misinformation series.....How the wellness and influencer crowd served conspiracies to the masses…

iPhone : These statements raise even more questions. Why did the AFP tell Peter Dutton about Brittany Higgins rape allegation the day BEFORE Samantha Maiden went to the PMO for comment? And yet .. the PM still wasnt told?! #auspol 10 News First

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Twitter Web App : I know its a small point, but I am particularly amused that in Australia weights are seemingly expressed as relative to adult kangaroos.…

Twitter Web App : Excellent from Crikey. As I said on ABC: Everybody loses in this sad saga, except the man who wrote it, Murdoch.
Diversity hit between the eyes as old media pockets about 90% of big tech cash

Twitter Media Studio : #ICYMI: It is going to be labour intensive. Even if it saves one life, it is worth it.

Former police officer Vincent Hurley explains how introducing coercive control laws would alter police process on the ground - and why he believes theyre essential.

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iPhone : Truly all our great national traditions are under threat. I don’t even recognise our country any more.…

Twitter Web App : ADELAIDE: Bursting w excitement to have the borders open, so that I can come see you in a few days for Adelaide Writers Week!

Would love to see some of you at my session w jean hinchliffe –teenage activist extraordinaire- in the Be The Change stream on Mon!…

iPhone : Juhi Sachdev’s money has almost run out. The 22-year-old trainee pastry chef from India had the perfect job at Collins Street’s Grand Hyatt hotel until the pandemic struck last March. And she has received no help from the federal government.

#covid19 #...…

Twitter for iPad : We’re about to do the second half of our twitch stream for the week! Watch why not you GRUBS

iPhone : Greetings! I am looking for pitches for Punkee, specifically ones related to: dating and relationships, beauty, retail & wellness, and real-life content. Email me:

iPhone : I’ve started a new role as Indigenous Communities reporter with ABC News in Western Sydney.

I’m looking forward to sharing stories from our mob in an area where I grew up, but will also cover Sydney & NSW.

Any story ideas & tips, please get in touch:

iPhone : Very proud to work for an Australian-owned, independent media company -- one that doesnt donate to political parties, doesnt cheerlead for them, is owned by Australians, is committed to public interest journalism and employs a great team of journalists.

iPhone : more from our misinformation series.....How the wellness and influencer crowd served conspiracies to the masses…

iPhone : Scott claims he spoke personally to Linda Reynolds’ doctor about her condition. We are trying to imagine a circumstance in which that would be appropriate.

Twitter Web App : How the wellness and influencer crowd served conspiracies to the masses…

Twitter Web App : After I protested, HungryPanda熊猫外卖 retaliated against me and expelled me from my job. I felt really helpless.

The TWU has launched an unfair dismissal case for Xiangqian Li and his coworker Jun Yang. #abc730

TweetDeck : A Sydney teenager who thought she was in a loving relationship has detailed a disturbing change in her boyfriend in a chilling warning. WARNING: Distressing…

iPhone : Ten years of birth rate data shows how remarkable the situation in Xinjiang is, where the birth rate has halved in two years.

Red is Xinjiang. Black is Chinas average. Every other province is blue.

iPhone : Media deals are happening ✅ but more to do on Big Tech.

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Twitter Web App : The bill passed the Victorian Parliament 27 votes to nine after a 12-hour sitting in the Legislative Council.

#springst #gayconversion…

iPhone : The male privilege in Australia’s parliament has given its members such a sense of exceptionalism, they think the standards of the corporate office should not apply to their workplace, says Scientia Professor Louise Chapell…

iPhone : Who knew that LJ Hooker had Chinese heritage? I certainly didn’t! It was kept secret until after his passing. I hope we can begin to celebrate it now.…

iPhone : Let’s just hope that from this whole horrible situation there will actually be some fundamental reform to the MOP(S) Act for vulnerable staff and improvements to the workplace culture in Parliament House. (2/2)

iPhone : I really like McDonald’s. I had my 20th birthday party there. We had the ice cream cake and played in the playground. People walked past asking where the kids were. My mum said, “They’re all my kids” 🥰

iPhone : Here’s a stock photo of the Brisbane skyline, because, we live here now. (Once our apartment and cat are all moved!) By now you’re probably aware that I’m also seeking opportunities, so if you hear of any media jobs going, please feel free to reach out. I’d be really grateful.

iPhone : Today was the first meeting of our new Select Committee on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

We will be looking closely at how to support individuals and families as we comeback from one of the most testing periods of our lives.

iPhone : Today is #TealRibbonDay. Its important for women to know their bodies and be #ovariancanceraware. Click through to learn more about the symptoms and share with the women in your life.…

Twitter Web App : Today is #TealRibbonDay. More than 1,500 Australian women a year are diagnosed with #ovariancancer and more than 1,000 die from the disease. Its time for #ovaryaction. Visit Ovarian Cancer Austs website and get to know the signs, symptoms and risk factors.

iPhone : We have been fighting this pandemic for far too long, but we have to resist becoming numb to the sorrow. Because in order to heal, we must remember.

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iPhone : The president, first lady, and first pups inspect the large heart candy statues on the White House north lawn, put in place by FLOTUS: @cbsnews

Hootsuite Inc. : It was a cool start to the day for Victoria, particularly for people in the southwest and alpine areas.
Mt Hotham & Mt Baw Baw were coldest (-0.3°C) ❄️ Westmere in the States SW dropped to 2.7°C, while #Melbournes min was 13°C.
All #VicWeather obs:

iPhone : Wonderful to see Hungary 🇭🇺 & RB Leipzig English keeper Péter Gulácsi using his platform to support rainbow families— bringing the message across to Hungarians who don’t necessarily follow politics 👏 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜#acsaladazcsalad…

Southmayd Prof @YaleLawSch and Philosophy @Yale. Editor, @LegalTheory + Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Have you seen how he makes soup?—@benpedwards

Android : The Labor Party cannot pretend that poor treatment of women exists on only one side of the political divide.
Former Labor MP Emma Husar speaks after scathing open letter…