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Android : For India, democracy is both a cultural heritage and a contemporary choice. Respect for rules and international law have earned us a reputation as a responsible democratic power.
Let us reaffirm our values and beliefs today.


Android : दीवानी रात आती है... 🎧🎶🎶🎶

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Android : His name is Asif & he tried to rape a Dalit girl

But Yogi cops treated him very well by shooting on his leg

Thats why THEY hate Yogi ji more than Modi ji

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Android : सुल्तानपुर के इसी शुभम टाकीज के सामने
#टिकट_ब्लैकिया_संजय_सिंह टिकट ब्लैक करता था, शुभम टाकीज के मालिक गगनदीप बताते है की संजय सिंह इतना मनहूस इंसान था जब तक रहा उनका टाकीज घाटे मे चल रहा था जबसे वो सुल्तानपुर छोड़कर गया तबसे उनका थिएटर अब काम्प्लेक्स मे बदल गया है.!🤣

Android : पुरा देश जानता है की मेरे साथ दबंग खान ने क्या किया,, यहां तक की मुझे इतना मजाक उडाया गया ताकि मेरी मांसिक स्थिति खराब हो जाए तथा मै इण्डस्टरीज से बाहर हो जाऊ.

लेकिन मै अपने परिश्रम के दम पर आज मैने अपना मुकाम हासिल किया है,, न की बॉलीवुड के 4 परिवारो द्वारा.

Android : इसीलिए हम कहते है
आप ही कांग्रेस प्रेजिडेंट के लिए बने है

Android : Mandar Manmohan Sawant This is what BJP has to learn
BMC elections have nothing to do with National Politics
Hope they know which issues to take up for BMC elections

But as Mumbaikar
I would never vote for Shivsena
Nor for any of their alliance
If it turns out to be bjp also

Android : While BJP has a good chance of winning near majority (114 wards mark) on its own. It needs to campaign on important matters for the city, not on Ladakh or article 370 as these are not important for a local body poll.
30 yrs of Sena misrule has created a ripe situation for change

Android : The impressive show of Winter Stockings and Mobilisation by Indian Army has clearly send a message

"We Are Ready for Long Haul and Winters ..... Are You ?? "

Android : ATGMs/M-777 use shud become a norm along LoC now. We have plenty of them. Time for callibre escalation. In any way, 2 front war is a strong possibility in coming days.