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Bio Founder @garudaprakashan. Author, Meditator, IITian. Learn Sufi dances, Sudarshan Kriya. Drummer. Book: The English Medium Myth निज भाषा उन्नति अहे
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Twitter Web App : This is Beautiful House of Priyanka Vadara gandhi at Shimla Himachal Pradesh, I dont know how they grabbed this land? because any outsider of Himachal is not allowed to buy land at Himachal.

iPhone : BJP Leader Wasim Bari, his brother & father shot dead by terrorists in Bandipora.

We have seen killings of Kashmiri nationalists by Pakistan sponsored terrorists from decades.

Today its Wasim, tomorrow it could be me or you. For how long this cycle of killing will continue ?

Twitter Web App : I wish I could meet Narendra Modi someday & share my journey from being a hater to his admirer.

Nothing would have been more rewarding for me than to present the copy of my book #ModiAgain to him directly.

But now this #COVID__19 seems to be making it impossible 😓

Twitter Web App : Millions of struggling Americans have lost their jobs, lost their health insurance, can't get a Covid test, can't go to school, and can't pay their rent, and we're spending billions of dollars to support the multi-billion-dollar Catholic Church.…