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Bio Awake not woke, Mum of one, Zappa, Incredible String Band, Ambient/Techno. Charity Shops, walking, herbs and spices, *Never SNP*, whoma gonna vote for now?
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Android : Reporting Scotland: let's get the SNP on to talk about friction musicians face traveling to Europe while the SNP plan A is to have a border with the rest of the UK and be outside the EU for over a decade. It's absolutely farcical they give the grievance machine air.

Android : Do you have notifications for my tweets Mike? I don’t think that raising the genuine concerns of GPs from across Scotland is anything to be ashamed of and nor shall I take any lessons on ‘destructive dangerous nonsense’ from you.…

Android : Gordon & Sarah Brown With all that's going on with the unhealthy SNP SG/Civil Service 'shenanigans' surely there are more immediate fish to fry.
Devolution isn't worth saving if none of that is addresssed/ corrected.

Android : Now Fauci is recommending we wear two masks. If this doesn't sit well with your instincts it doesn't make you a 'covid denier' anymore than those who feel wearing one doesn't sit well with theirs.

Android : “In Glasgow Sheriff Court..these witnesses would have been locked up for prevarication at best. Some would be facing perjury prosecutions..people ..are advancing at best amnesia and at worst idiocy as explanations for their failure to tell the whole truth”…