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iPhone : It really is mind boggling how Republicans are now blatantly admitting that more people voting benefits Democrats and... no one seems to really care about it.…

iPhone : Trump has repeatedly lied that illegal immigrants are voting en masse in CA. Now falsely saying CA is sending ballots to "anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there." Sure doesn't seem like accidentally loose language.…

iPhone : This is false. Over the last two decades, about 0.00006% of total vote-by-mail votes cast were fraudulent.……

iPhone : Californians who say Modesto is the worst city in the Central Valley have clearly never been to Manteca, Turlock, Merced, or Atwater. They got Bakersfield on lock though.…

iPhone : Kids, if you’re being bullied online, just tag me on the post.

You shouldn’t stoop to their level, but it’s too late for me. I’ll roast the fuck out of a 14yo bully and won’t even feel bad about it.

iPhone : I’ve been active in political Twitter for nearly 5 years now, and I’ve yet to find a single conservative who actually understands what free speech is.

iPhone : So let me get this right:

Armed militias walking into the state Capitol is protected by free speech and absolutely okay, but Twitter fact-checking the President is a bridge too far?

Fucking please.

iPhone : 3 years and four months as President have thought Donald Trump less about the Constitution than a semester of middle school social science classes.

Even my 13yo brother can describe what free speech is.

iPhone : I love how Conservatives are always talking about how private enterprise is the way to go but the second a private enterprise does something they don’t like they start yelling about “free speech” and crying.

I say they’re a bunch of snowflakes.

iPhone : Dear Donald J. Trump: The First Amendment stops the government—that’s you—from interfering with free speech. That means you can’t stop Twitter from fact checking your false tweets.

And the fact that we’re reading your excrement on Twitter shows it is not stifling your speech.…

iPhone : If Twitter takes down Kathy Griffin’s “empty syringe” tweet and not Trump’s implied accusation of murder...

They will give politicians around the world carte blanche to intimidate people through social media with no repercussions while punishing regular people for making a joke