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iPhone : This is like if your mental growth was stunted in high school when a homecoming float on the back of a truck got you the girl and so you spent the rest of your life treating your problems with homecoming floats

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iPhone : Well got damn. Depending on what you think of Sarah Cooper, this could be a real compliment / insult!…

iPhone : TONIGHT! Join the Seinfeld crew to #TurnTexasBlue! Because Trump can't win without Texas.

Help raise the critical funds tonight so the @TexasDemocrats can win this damn thing:……

iPhone : The right to vote—and to have all of our votes counted—is being challenged like never before. We need lawyers to help protect and secure our elections. Sign up with We The Action to join the fight!


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iPhone : Jaw dropping. That lowest IQ crack about asylum seekers returning to the authorities is a) racist b) factually wrong c) part of his *life-long* eugenics obsession & d) directly related to his central belief that anyone who follows rules (or pays taxes) is a dummy.

iPhone : I trust nobody on earth that says with a serious face “I know more about wind then you do”. Not even if you actually study wind

iPhone : Trump: I am the least racist person here! Out of everyone! I can’t even see the audience because they’re so dark too many Black people

Twitter Web App : Props to Pete Buttigieg for going on Fox News and routinely speaking truth to people who aren’t used to hearing it…

Twitter Web App : "we have large sections of it already done"

man if you're still buyin what this guy's sellin then how do you have any money left…