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Android : if kyungsoo read this he would shake his head shyly and smile with his eyes forming crescents and say "aaniyo aaniyo" with his hand doing that little "NO" waving gesture in air…

Android : the difference between his speaking voice and singing voice

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Android : ‘‘ella. if he keeps his pattern, he should be updating tomorrow and a VN would be so nice but it's okay if he doesn't though. He already was very informative last week and I can make it through another weeks with that update 🥰 DKS1 in the works!

Android : Kyungsoo already reach the level where critics dont call him an idol actor anymore but recognized him as a pure actor. He already established his career in acting so stop saying that he is picked because he came from a famous group, he is chosen because of his talent and thats it…

Android : nat; I'm sorry everyone has been doing it this week, why not me? 😆😆 Haha, sorry i guess i will delete because I don't want to create confusion hehe