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Bio working with others with empathy to resist the people trying to destroy our democracy. Master Gardener and proud grandma of ten. Love knitting and crocheting.
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iPhone : 27) Remember that one of the main participants in this scheme was Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, and then consider the below.…

Twitter Web App : Lisa Diaz hg murray Lincolns Bible 🤔 Thats been the whole point of online learning.
Parents are foolish to send their kids to school now. Its basically a slow version of school shootings except the family gets the RICOchet of the bullets.

iPhone : “I am calling on the federal government to provide dedicated funding for hazard pay for frontline workers” Governor Cuomo says. “They have earned it by showing up and risking their health and lives for all of us.”…

Twitter Web App : Howard Stern said it best: “The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most. The people who are voting for Trump for the most part … He’d be disgusted by them.” #MostUnmanlyPresident

This is so brutal and on-point:…

Android : Worth noting, declaring churches open only exposes the pastors to liability. Not only that but exposes their own greed over concern for their flocks. Also only really matters if people even show up. They wont as theres no confidence in the handling of this pandemic.

iPhone : dont worry, John Kelly will rein Trump in
dont worry, Mueller will bring Trump to justice
dont worry, John Roberts will ensure a fair trial
dont worry, impeachment will humble Trump
dont worry, the constitution prevents Trump from canceling the election

Twitter Web App : Alrighty then! 🤣

Russia Demands Apology From Bloomberg Over Report About Putins Low Ratings…

iPhone : On Memorial Day, we honor those who gave all for us. That takes different forms this year, but it’s even more vital with the loss of so many veterans to COVID-19.

The way they lived, in service to one another, should be our roadmap in the months ahead.…

Hootsuite Inc. : DOJ alumni sign legal brief opposing Bill Barrs scheme to drop criminal case against Michael Flynn || Via Salon…

Twitter Web App : Reading this thread it strikes me that Trump has expressed no strategy for the inevitable rise in cases that will come in states following his lead. He’s literally acting like it will keep going down even as he encourages behavior that will drive it up.…

iPhone : Eric Benét Nope, unfortunately I have a few family members in that category and that makes it really tough. You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. Nothing has been the same since 2016. 💔

iPhone : Specialist Wes Westermann earned the Bronze Star as a member of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. He died in March & never got the medal. I was honored to present it to his family in Bloomington and remember his life.…

iPhone : Tonight’s view.

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.

Hermann Hesse

Android :…
Please take a moment to read this...and then please share this....
For every man and woman in the Armed Forces you can elect a President that will make you proud..
For Joe knows...
Joe cares...
#HonorVeterans 🇺🇸

Twitter for iPad : Donald J. Trump So hard to accept that you’ll never be as intelligent, poised, gracious, athletic and as good looking as Obama. You’ll always be the oafish moron.

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Donald Trump knew dangers of COVID19 beginning of January. He should have been pushing social distancing, lockdowns, school closures, medical supply production, mask wearing all beginning of February, not late-March. He screwed up big time. Don’t let anyone forget the facts

iPhone : cc: 🇺🇸
45? Veep? These men, if u wanna call them that, they don’t care. They just make blind statements based on nothing. Total fabrications. Comments pulled from a hat. & No accountability.
EVERY👏🏽DAY👏🏽! I’m sick. & people believe it, we are BETTER than THIS!!!

iPhone : Did your state lawmaker sign onto the ALEC letter telling Congress NOT to help out struggling states and cities in the midst of a pandemic? Find out: Pass it on: #ALECisBehindIt

Android : For all their tearful, showy displays of phony religion, all their impassioned pleas about embryos being sacred—they will let sentient human beings with grandchildren and spouses and decades of wisdom, die on the altar of their 401Ks.


iPhone : They should be arrested. I’m dead serious because this IS a dead-serious pandemic. I honestly believe Americans are capable of supreme selflessness but ALSO supreme selfishness..... 😖🤬😤…

Twitter Web App : And this is how he will win again. Chris Hayes telling his Bernie bros not to vote for Biden and Joy Reid and her guests telling POC not to vote for Biden.…

iPhone : Florida Chris I wish ppl acted like this where I live! I was the only one besides workers in the grocery store with a mask on. Then ppl wonder why some of our cities are getting moved back to lockdown!

Android : Pantomath That’s funny! And, “Frankly, many have told me many times, many.” “They’ve said to me, ‘sir, Hitler was a very good man, very good.’ “I really liked him’”

Twitter Web App : Glenn Greenwald Trump is closer to Hitler than he is to any other U.S. President. Hands down.

Also, I cant think of a single reason why I should care about the sort of people who might be offended if I say so.

What, you arent talking about Trump? Then next time say WTF youre talking about.

iPhone : President Trump took to Twitter on Memorial Day to call Rep. Conor Lamb, a sitting congressman and Marine Corps veteran, “an American fraud.” He also misspelled his name.

iPhone : Jeff Tiedrich Trump is the symptom. Republicans are the disease.

...last Oct, he (Pompeo) huddled with Charles G. Koch, the Republican billionaire and a longtime supporter of his, while on an official visit to Kansas. That trip was made aboard a government aircraft…