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Bio PhD Neuroscientist/Science Educator. But I also know paleontology, chemistry, beats, Japanese food and cars.
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iPhone : In my Biology class I try to provide a hands-on learning experience: so I encourage wild animals to wander in at any time 😊 NASA STEM Engagement Teaching STEM Conservation Biology

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iPhone : Grand Canyon NPS Yes! The waterfall that was visible from the “White Road Hike” on the Big Island. Way more spectacular than Grand Canyon etc. 2000 foot waterfall just across the back of Waipio Valley. Best thing ever. Now closed and patrolled 🙁 (sorry for stock photo 🤣)

iPhone : Dr. Tom Frieden But as someone seeing in-person K-12 up close: there’s no way to keep the kids 100% safe. Our students do a great job of mask compliance - but only because our school is semi-“outside” and low rates of community spread can this work. For most places this isn’t possible.

iPhone : Dr. Tom Frieden I’m a HS teacher. Because our county (Kauai) locked down and masked up - we’ve been safely in classes since August. We even had a 9 pm travel curfew- but because of those actions we have the lowest rates of Covid in the USA and that’s allowed me to teach like a normal year.

iPhone : Michael Mina Pro tip: do not underfund the project. Be realistic and probably better if you overestimate the funding. It’s always a lot more than you think even if everything is “pretty much ready”