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Twitter Web App : he's a piece of crap. and he knows full well that voter suppression is a way of life in Texas. to blame the citizens is insanely ignorant.…

Twitter Web App : so who else broke out the "all Texans deserve to suffer because the state has awful leaders" garbage? Stephen King's bothered me, and Michael Moore's is just pathetic.

Twitter Web App : my friend's business needs some help after a fire. donate if you can and/or spread the word please.…

Twitter Web App : try using that explanation technique to your father after you trash his car

well I made it to Burger King and back before the car exploded, DAD.

Twitter Web App : omg name a Brad Pitt movie besides his two most popular movies. he's only been in about 50 movies. please make this spam trend.

Twitter Web App : so twitter's just gonna become a place where you name an actor's movie besides these two movies. great.

Twitter Web App : if you want me to take you seriously as an adult, stop making up lies about Muppets, Dr. Seuss, and Mr. Potato Head