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Bio Arx Fatalis fan account
3D Programmer @GameloftMTL
Game Jam God @tmpUnnamed

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Twitter Web App : Meor - a remarkable physics-based sandbox with custom voxel technology that runs almost exclusively on your graphics card!…

by #gamedev nel #indiedev #indiegames #gaming

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Twitter Web App : Exploring other ideas...

Heres a toxic shield

#vfx #gamedev #madewithunity #shaders #realtimevfx

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Twitter Web App : Hold onto your Gameboy, because #JohtoRedrawn is finished! Follow the link for an amazing interactive map

Twitter Web App : The squaaad #PokemonDay #Pokemon25

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Twitter Web App : Some fiery aura cast for #VFXFriday 🔥

#gamedev #vfx #shaders #madewithunity

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Twitter Web App : #voidigo Early Access is now available on #steam!…

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Twitter Web App : 🤖⚡️ This unnamed, new scifi action adventure game set in a dead world by Section 9 looks deliciously dark and haunting

Release and Platforms TBA
#indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #screenshotsaturday

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Twitter Web App : My #JohtoRedrawn sorry for the late! Did anyone remind what is this special place? maybe some pokèmon of the area will answer about this question. #ドット絵 #픽셀아트 #pixelart . Thanks Zaebucca for help me with the pokè center.

Twitter Web App :

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Twitter Web App : Forza Polpo! Beta Sign Up - Jumping Flash! & Pilotwings inspired first person platforming shooter where you pilot a cute little octopus robot in a Japanese city that’s frozen in time by Pink Energy!…

by #gamedev Forza Polpo | フォルザ ポルポ #indiedev #indiegames #gaming

Twitter Web App : Another render ! 🦭✨
#3dart #gameart #3dmodeling #substancepainter

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Twitter Web App : Since you are going to ask, there will not be a season 2.
This was incredible as a one time event and I would like it to stay that way.

Twitter Web App : We are now six weeks later and I think it is time to say goodbye.
This experiment was the craziest thing I have ever made and this would not have been possible without each and every one of you.

Thanks for playing.

Twitter Web App : Announcing the heavenly anime FPS... Neon White!

Coming to Nintendo Switch & PC in 2021.
Wishlist on Steam now:

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