iPhone : Keep in mind the Minneapolis police left their posts at a Minnesota Lynx game because they were upset about the t-shirts the players wore in remembrance of Philando Castile. Just imagine what might be directed at the University of Minnesota now. twitter.com/wcco/status/12…

Twitter Web App : The Last of Us 2 claims to be a realistic video game but it depicts someone playing the PlayStation Vita in 2038.

Twitter Web App : Eles nasceram livres e não querem entrar na ditadura. A CHINA decidiu que agora o jogo mudou, interviu, vai implantar o controle social, censura, reconhecimento facial e julgar os opositores de acordo com as leis do Partido Comunista. O mundo se cala. Game over. twitter.com/rodrigodasilva…

Android : (lrt) This is the cutest thing;;

A Ksoondingie noticed that a fanmade #CHEN doll (indicated with the heart) was shown in a sports broadcast where they had plushies sitting and ‘watching’ a game in the stadium’s seats 😭


iPhone : Chelsea fan:

"We dismantled Arsenal in their biggest game in over a decade. It was a mere farewell Hazard party for us yano.😭😭"

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Android : Hot take. There is this game called Dragon Ball FighterZ, and while of course its a great game. I kinda want a random selection when choosing a character. I know you may want specifics characters. But it would be fun to have a random option when choosing characters. Thats just me

Android : sometimes i get these random urges where i really want to play league of legends but then i start a game and wonder what the heck i was thinking 😬

Twitter Web App : How do you do testing for games you develop? If you’re attending Nordic Game, book a call on #MeetToMatch and let’s chat about test automation solutions!


#NG20 #gamebiz

Twitter Web App : Kerbal Space Program What the hell guys? Bought your game with the DLC literally a week ago and now I'm finding out I won't be able to play it due to it being pulled from Gforce now? This is the 2nd time a company has done this to a game I've bought, and it isn't Geforce I'm pointing my anger at.

Twitter Web App : Dune, encore... 😉
L'univers a aussi été décliné plusieurs fois en jeux, et vous pouvez retrouvez ici quelques illustrations de Marc Zug pour un jeu de cartes "Dune: Collectible Card Game" (1997) via Concept Art World
#Dune #MookDune #jeux #illustration