iPhone : President Trump and his base feel that if blacks and LGBTQs get more rights, theyre losing something. No, were just getting what we should have had all along. Were not taking your freedoms. Were just trying to gain equal freedom.

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Twitter Web App : I didn’t see any of you blacks in the music industry posting this asking for inclusion.

Now y’all see why I speak on market share over marketing.

All that marketing only matters when you got a share of the market.

Twitter Media Studio : ⏱️ Turn back in time with Tudor Watch to 2017 when the All Blacks took on British & Irish Lions in Auckland. Skillful play from the the Barrett brothers led to this stunning try by Ngani Laumape.

#TUDORWatch #DaringPlay #BorntoDare

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Android : Kambree All lives matters bcs Barracks Obama was a Pres for 8Yrs & the last time I checked Obama is not a White Man but a Total Failure/Corrupt/Unprepared for the big dance and all Blacks needs to hold Obama/Biden responsible now for not making their lives matters

iPhone : Y’all gonna sit here and act like non blacks was wearing Jordan’s back then as much as they are now 😐

Android : We played cricket in South Africa, we know that as a black person you face it from all sides, white people on the field, white people off the field, Indians and coloured people even the model c blacks haveba complex.

Android : Zachary As I read the notes 9n whst vr went thru should never happen sorry she works as hard as rest of the team

I admire blacks for succeeding as seems they need to work 2x harder to get what they want.good luck to all@hope to see new shows soon

iPhone : Citizens for Ethics Okay Mr Ethics why haven’t the 5 lynchings been investigated? Blacks & Latino’s don’t hang themselves from a tree. These murders have been quietly tucked away as suicides all within a 2 week span, all of a sudden. So when will there be a Federal Investigation of them all?

Android : Ian John If all sports stars want to rely on blacks for their money ,let them,white people should keep their money in their pockets,let's see how long these super stars last.