Android : NUFC Memories The Wise Wallsender Use to see him in asda with his stunning lass, he was akways wearing his black and white Adidas cap. I was like a rabbit in the headlights whenever i saw him. One of my favourite ever players top bloke too. The only players ever to match him in the air was Al,speed and big dunc..

iPhone : Matt Hand masturbates over pictures of Big Dunc wearing his Wolves pyjamas…

iPhone : Daniel Chalmers Jak ODea You ain’t seen nothing yet. Just you wait; Tom Davies Captain, Big Dunc coming out of retirement and Lingard as our new centre piece in midfield, pulling the strings and doing that twatty sign thing he does. Buzzing for next year 🙄

Android : Football Ramble Introduction of the Enforcer (or Goon) role like in Ice Hockey. Game gets a bit spicy and you send on your Enforcer to start a fight. Could see the return of Big Dunc for Everton for example #RambleTopics

Android : #therequesthour
Stick them in mate you know you want to🤞👌😅🤣

Ram Jam - Black Betty
Rolling stones - sympathy for the devil
AM - Still take you home
Metallica- Enter Sandman
Any Ben Howard

From me and big bad baldy Dunc as always 👌🍻Toby Tarrant Radio X