Twitter Web App : today we fed >150 people. tomorrow CPS is resuming meal distribution (yay!) but well still be at Burke giving out food.
tell folks in need, especially folks not on social media.

local? bring food. the best is bags/boxes prepacked w/staples/sturdy produce (pasta, potatoes, etc)

TweetDeck : This thread showing GOP senators refusing to condemn Trump gassing & firing rubber bullets at peaceful protesters, reminds me of a quote from Edmund Burke, the father of modern conservatism

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."…

Sprinklr Publishing : Ensuring a #FreeAndOpenIndoPacific

#USNavy Sailors stand watch and conduct flight operations aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer #USSRussell (DDG 59) while deployed ensuring maritime security and stability in the #EastChinaSea.

Twitter Web App : We out here Chicago: FREE FOOD at Edmund Burke Elementary, E 54th and S King Dr.

Shout out: Trina T., Britteney Black Rose Kapri, disco ric, wikipedia brown, a tired person, LOVE & NAPPYNESS OUT NOW, DJ Ca$h Era & many others ...

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Android : Fiorisce il tuo ricordo
nella mia veglia
e all’improvviso
il tuo profumo
si inalza
come un dio .

C. #Alegria

Brenda Burke

Android : so trump said hes gonna use the military to stop the protests/riots like lmao what the fuck are you gonna do use a arleigh-burke and launch a tomahawk at the riots


Throwback to Sanmi Odelusi being through on goal against Fleetwood, only for his shot to go so far wide it goes out for a throw-in..⚽️

He made 5 apps in all competitions for Wigan and has just signed for Halifax Town.

Wish him all the best on the move!

#wafc 🔵⚪

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iPhone : #ICYMI: Yesterday, U.S. Navy said farewell & following seas to ADM Bob Burke & welcomed our 41st VCNO, ADM Bill Lescher. I am grateful for all that Bob has done for us while serving as Vice Chief & I know he’ll excel in his next assignment as a fleet commander in Europe.

Android : Donald J. Trump CNN If trump can be impeached for a phone call he should be impeached for attacking PEACEFUL PROTESTORS. Impeach him now or I have given up on both political parties.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke