TweetDeck : When we spend taxpayer money, we should use it to buy American products & support American jobs.

But under Trump, the rate of federal contractors offshoring jobs more than doubled. Its unacceptable.

Ill invest $400 billion in American-made products & keep jobs here at home.

Twitter Web App : Globally cases of COVID19 have doubled in six weeks to 12M - the pandemic continues to accelerate. Lockdowns buy time, they reduce transmission & infections. They do not change the fundamentals of the virus, how infectious it is, the clinical illness is causes.

iPhone : Made no prediction, because, with just 6 doubled up eps, I thought it wasn't in contention for renewal, but apparently, it was!…

iPhone : Not to scare everyone, but we've doubled hospitalizations every two weeks since mid-June. We are at 10,000 hospitalizations today with only 10,000 available beds. We literally can't have this double again without doing something to create more beds.

Twitter for iPad : The fact is the testing industry hasn’t done a bad job growing the number of tests. They even doubled the price of the test from $50 to $100.

(See my new book: Profiting from the Pandemic)* 9/

Twitter Web App : How was your day, covidusa?
Not good
There were a large number of deaths, at least 850, again
The 4 top states had >35,000 new cases
And their deaths/day have doubled in a month
Hospitalizations were the highest recorded for these states
And for the US >80 days
The COVID Tracking Project

Android : (tw racism) some read dedue as written as accepting racism, but i think what we see instead is dedue's implementation of doubled consciousness: how marginalized groups can't view themselves as themselves bc they HAVE to learn to see themselves thru the eyes of the majority (1/?)

iPhone : imma post it here to

Yeah, we selling arroz con leche. If youre interested, contact me and Ill be happy to answer any questions

Also ignore the length of the video in Instagram, I had to make it 1min long so I just doubled it :)

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iPhone : The upward trend holds for death data. Though the data is less smooth, between June 10 and July 10, the seven-day average of deaths reported by Arizona, California, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas has almost doubled.