Twitter Web App : Billionaires have fared well during the pandemic. Between March 18th and mid-August, wealth gains increased astronomically for--->

Jeff Bezos: +$76 billion
Elon Musk: +$43 billion
Bill Gates: +$16 billion
Mark Zuckerberg: +$42 billion

Today's minimum wage: $7.50/hr

Buffer : When Elon Musk was 17, he spent a month living off $1 a day to see if he had what it took to become an entrepreneur.

He ate a lot of hot dogs and oranges.

Twitter Web App : Tesla's Elon Musk details Dojo, Autopilot's 4D training program…

iPhone : “Okay, forget FedEx. What about SPACEX?? Elon Musk is pretty b-based, if he can send rockets to space he can definitely bring voting ballots to the White House or whatever”

Twitter Web App : Ξngine-Ξarz 🎚️🎚️🎚 they are prepping him to be the proverbial shulgin to elon huxley musk. when driving, the faster you are going the further down the road the focus of your attention needs to be, they are prepping for 20 - 25 years down the line but it shows. eddison:elon tesla:me is post prep now

IFTTT : Bitcoin a Hedge Against Elon Musk Mining Asteroid Gold, Say Winklevoss Twins

iPhone : maybe we could fuck around and uhhhh.. overthrow elon musk to give nikola his fucking name back👉👈🥺🙏

Microsoft Power Platform : イーロン・マスク氏がテスラの二要素認証導入は「恥ずかしながら遅れている」と語る TechCrunch

Twitter Web App : Kim davepermen Olli Der Gazetteur Ne, gibt schon noch ein paar Dinge. Aber nochmal, weshalb sollten wir als Gesellschaft bei Elon Musk bedanken? Sollte er sich nicht bedanken, dass er auf dem Rücken von für dumpinglöhnen arbeitenden Menschen einen unverhältnismäßigen Reichtum aufgebaut hat? Klär mich auf

iPhone : i hate the fact that elon musk is so praised he is just an other white rich dude dating young women and selfishly using lands regardless of how it affects nature and people