Khoros : RED CARD After consulting the VAR, referee Chris Kavanagh has awarded a red card to Eddie Nketiah for a foul on James Justin

It's Arsenal 1-0 Leicester (75 mins)


iPhone : Mac Miller on the usage of foul language

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Android : Yeah I'm not flying people. They must fly themselves. Next thing I've gotta make a way for you to get to the airport in Durban and and.

I've got expenses of my own. This is why dudes end up over burdened and crying foul like the lady did him dirty. Coz they take on too much 😂…

iPhone : Someone find this bitch so they can fire her and put soap in her foul foul foul nasty mouth.…

iPhone : MR DT © YouTube It was a definite red, Vardy’s was a complete accident that he had no control over so can’t be foul play, and he was onside. You also scream like a girl 😊👍