iPhone : i cannot even PROCESS how real larry is sometimes like i see gifs of louis being So gentle with harry or i listen to sweet creature or i read receipts or i remember rbb/sbb and ted tomlinson/dusty styles and susan boyle/frankie sandford and my mind just ?/$;!2&;$[€!

iPhone : Watching Frankie Boyle’s 2019 standup show on BBC iPlayer, and it’s great, hilarious stuff. Perhaps the highlight is his total ethering of Ricky Gervais over his lazy punching down of trans women, segueing into a whole discussion on the nature of comedy and how it works.

Android : Watched Frankie Boyle's latest stand up this evening, how the hell did I not see this sooner!? Incredible 🤣

iPhone : sarah cameron Marxman🚩 Dara Ó Briain Daniel Fooks Not Santa - #BLM #BlackLivesMatter Half Man Half Pint Truth and Justice Frank Owens Legendary Paintbrush The Blindboy Podcast I’ve seen Tweeters slag off Frankie Boyle after a set largely scathing, very rude and very funny about Tories because of a couple of comments about Corbyn. Surely, it goes with the territory if you’re a party leader. People weren’t persuaded by comedians to vote for Johnson.

iPhone : Rowan Atkinson defends freedom of speech, while Frankie Boyle wins it in court theguardian.com/stage/2012/oct… the attacks on free speech has been happening for years... it’s not getting any better now. Don’t take it for granted and stand up for it.