SocialFlow : "Wearing a mask can be scary," the video says. "Not wearing one can be deadly."

Twitter for iPad : quentin smith I prefer horror thatโ€™s mor psychology, like Jacobโ€™s Ladder. It gets into your head and you donโ€™t know whatโ€™s real or not. But stuff like Evil Dead or Friday the 13th are good, too. In their own way. Both have value.

Android : So far in this Covid sitch, I've watched ALL of Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai/Super, the MCU, the DCEU, all of the Fast &Furious, all of the Final Destination, all Evil Dead, all Nightmare on Elm Street, all Saw, and now I'm watching Idle Hands. Next maybe Friday 13th. #boredom #covid19

iPhone : 14. jimmyโ€™s (uncut) death scene in friday the 13th: the final chapter (1984)

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