iPhone : It was always obvious Boris Johnson was not competent to be PM. Competency was sacrificed on the alter of “get Brexit done.” What we now have in No10 is a reckless chancer, someone who will sacrifice lives, jobs & the economy to achieve his aims

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Android : British politics in 3 word slogans

2016 = "Take Back Control"

2017 = "Brexit Means Brexit"

2019 = "Get Brexit Done"

2020+ = "Build, Build, Build"

Echofon : Man who stood outside his house clapping, and had himself photographed driving a flag-draped JCB labelled 'Get Brexit Done' through a polystyrene wall doesn't believe in gestures... twitter.com/SophiaSleigh/s…

Android : It was widely known Boris Johnson was not fit to be PM, even Michael Gove said he wasn’t up to the job, yet his willingness to “get Brexit done” whatever the cost was prioritized over his obvious lack of competence. The result has been a national catastrophe twitter.com/PeterStefanovi…

Android : Voters who voted Lab in 2017 but not in 2019 were asked to list the main reason for their vote. The results were:

34% ~ To get Brexit done
18% ~ To stop Brexit
14% ~ NHS & public services
10% ~ Policies
6% ~ Economy
5% ~ Corbyn

Via J.L. Partners, 12 December 2019


iPhone : I'm angrier at the idiotic Tory voters than I am of Boris et al.

There were myriad warnings but you f'king clowns were blinded by 3 words, get Brexit done.

Now 60k deaths. Your X next to Tory on ballot paper. Blood on your hands!

#GTTO #BorisHasFailedTheNation twitter.com/MarieAnnUK/sta…

Twitter Web App : The Executive or the people of NI cannot "get Brexit done" as we await muddling UK politicians to tell us what "red tape" and economic consequences flow from the exit. Passive onlookers! twitter.com/SluggerOToole/…

Android : Boris: You see we thought that if we said Get Brexit Done people would vote for us. And then I could do the fun stuff. Build bridges and buses and pose for photos with ruffled hair. Nobody predicted..

Woman: Is there someone we can call? A friend perhaps.

Boris: We never knew

iPhone : Mateus Dos Santos Nothing to see here ! Get brexit done and stay alert