iPhone : July 6th—happy 10th anniversary to my Baths debut album Cerulean!

there’s a lot of unheard material related to its release that we’re compiling to get a solid reissue together but it won’t be right away. just a heads up 🦋

gigantic Thank You for your support ever since 💙

LaterMedia : Heres the configuration for this weeks Saipark!⁠

This week in the Saipark... useful items, and red tems 🍒
This configuration will run from July 6th to July 12th, 2020.⁠
Happy taming!

iPhone : 🚨6th District Small Biz Update🚨

1. I’m happy to report that 22,113 small businesses in IL-6 received Paycheck Protection Program funding—saving over 175,000 jobs.

2. Small businesses now have until August 8, 2020 to apply for PPP funding.