Twitter Media Studio - LiveCut : Explosive Markaz report shows they ‘wilfully’ infected India, Maulana Saad’s defiance was ‘deliberate’ & for 2 weeks they ‘bred’ Corona.
‘Islamophobia’ lobby EXPOSED.
‘Did Maulana Saad wage Corona Jehad?’

Details by TIMES NOWs Bhavatosh. | #SaadCoronaKaand

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Android : We will not stand by and let another Gujarat happen. To counter rising cases of anti-Muslim violence & Islamophobia, Pakistan has been supported by the OIC to initiate working group with the OIC at UN for collective action.

Twitter Web App : .Eliot Engel: “No one with a history of spewing bigotry has any place helping to lead one of our government agencies. It’s especially outrageous that someone with a track record of Islamophobia would be put in a role dealing with religious freedom.”…

Twitter for iPad : UK: More than 100 mosques demand watchdog probe Conservative Party for "Islamophobia"

Android : दिल्ली के दंगाई हैं आज़ाद🟢✅🟩❇️

दंगों के ख़िलाफ़ आवाज़ उठाने वाली लड़कियाँ गिरफ़्तार ⁉️❌⭕️⛔️

वाह रे मोदी सरकार•••••🐧🐧🐧

Android : 2/2 #OIC-IPHRC reiterates that instances of #Islamophobia are violative of #human #rights law, undermine multiculturalism and pose a threat to int'l peace and security. It supports focused consistent and system wide collective OIC and #UN approaches to counter the Islamophobia.

Twitter Web App : Through the actions of some groups working in the field of human rights, we know that the end of extremist gangs will be soon .

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