Sprout Social : QBs with the most turnover worthy plays in a season since 2017:

2019 Jameis Winston - 39
2019 Kyle Allen - 32
2019 Daniel Jones - 31
2018 Eli Manning - 31

TweetDeck : “The drivers moved over and did iRacing and it just so happened that a racial slur was said by Kyle Larson during one of those events, he was removed from the car and Matt Kenseth was put in this 42” is an extremely … bad way of explaining why Kenseth is in this race, Rick Allen

iPhone : Hoop Central People sleepin hard on JJJ ja, Dillon, Josh, Winslow, Melton, and Tyus Jones. Not to mention Val being relatively young, Kyle being 26, Grayson Allen bein 24, and everyone but Anthony tolliver and Dieng being under 25. Y’all on that good good.

Twitter Web App : Happy Birthday to Kevin A. Ford, Ralph Sampson, Sirri Sureyya Onder, Tatsuo Sato, Vonda Shepard, Dominik Henzel, Mo Collins, Jeremy Kyle, Jim Gaffigan, Tom Kristensen, Allen Payne, Danny Jacobs, Jorja Fox, Cree Summer, Joe Sakic, Nathalie Simard and Sylke Otto.

twittbot.net : #ECFacts When realizing the 'Riliane' they caught is Allen instead, Kyle and Germaine did they best to convince people to release him.

Android : Congratulations Kyle Larson on your 2020
Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek Championship.
Kyle Larson Racing gave the fans a ton of great
memories. Here are a few of our favorite
Kyle Moments courtesy Dirtstation.com
PA Speedweek

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iPhone : one year ago today, Eloy Jimenez took Kyle Hendricks deep to dead center.

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