iPhone : Man United, Chelsea, Leicester, Sheffield United, Wolves will all be united in watching the news ticker on Monday.
That is because the Court of Arbitration for Sport will be announcing their decision of Man City’s appeal of their 2 year suspension from the Champions League.

TweetDeck : N'Golo Kante games missed (injury cited as reason):
- Leicester City 2015/16 - 1 (hamstring)
- Chelsea 2016/17 - 0
- Chelsea 2017/18 - 7 (hamstring/circulation problem)
- Chelsea 2018/19 - 2 (hamstring)
- Chelsea 2019/20 - 15 (hamstring x2/knee and ankle) #CFC

Twitter Web App : David Icke 2/2 Leicester City Council are now knocking on doors with Covid testing kits
Its all getting very sinister

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iPhone : How Leicester City and Man United are taking Chelsea’s UCL qualification 😩


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iPhone : We should all be grateful to the citizens of Leicester, who have been following public health advice. This keeps families safe and also protects the wider community from COVID. This from Ivan Browne, the city's director of public health sets out what is needed. twitter.com/Leicester_News…

Android : Seems a similar situation is about occur like three gameweeks back where Liverpool drew, Chelsea and Leicester lost then Manchester City and Manchester United won.

iPhone : Not for the first time this season I looked at the line-up and thought that’s a pretty average looking team. We’ve over achieved at the end of the day. Can only hope Leicester continue to drop off because it’s going to go the the wire